Due to recent cancellations and the postponement of festivals, tours & arts events across the entire industry, thousands of Irish events industry crew and production staff have lost their income.

In response to this crisis, the AIST is working on many fronts to make progress. We can’t ignore during this time, that many people will be under significant financial pressure. For some that pressure will become critical. The AIST is in the process of establishing a hardship fund for those most in need, who work in the arts and events industry as crew and production staff. The AIST will distribute the fund in tranches as it becomes available, please see below for detailed information. We are in partnership with other groups to raise funds.

Application Criteria can be viewed here.

To shine a light on the severity of the issue, EVNTZ App and The Blizzards started an initiative called #WeAreTheSupportAct. The aim of this is to support the amazing crew by raising funds and awareness for those in the industry who have lost their prospect for income due to the embargo on mass gatherings for the following months.

The initiative has received a hugely positive response from fans, crew and organisations within the industry, artists of all levels and media all across Ireland.

Anyone interested in supporting the initiative can donate via this GoFundMe page.


In addition to accepting donations, EVNTZ App will be selling t-shirts, hoodies and various other merchandise with specific “Support Crew” branding to raise funds.

All profits from crew merchandise will go into the GoFundMe total which will then be managed and distributed by the AIST.