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Lifts requiring more than one person  

Mike O'Halloran
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How can we handle/manage lifting operations which require more than one person to be on the rope? In this scenario, it would not be possible to maintain 2m distancing.

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Chris Venton
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I would think that the first line of attack would be the same as the approach to any manual handling procedure. Does it need to be lifted by hand? is there a mechanical method that could be used in place of human effort? I believe you may be referring to a fly piece that needs two on the haul line to move it at a required speed rather than a rigging exercise?Firstly, in that case I would inquire to the need for the speed of the piece in the cue? can it go slower and keep it to one fly-man? Producers will need to tweek their shows to help all involved in the show to maintain SDIf that isn't a possibility I would think some form of PPE would be needed (I believe dressers will be facing the same sort of issue)

Liam FitzGerald
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This will go further into production management too. There will need to be an over riding methodology to set construction and transport relating to making sets lighter and / or longer.

To speed up unloading a truck while distancing, segments of set to be moved should be longer than 2.5m and or light enough to be moved by one person.

This has the knock on effect of making flown scenic elements lighter and more likely to be managed at higher speed by one fly operative.

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