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Suzie Cummins
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In a covid-19 world how costume maintenance will have to change. Will all costume items need to be washed more regularly and if so what does that mean for delicate or period costume items that normally don’t get washed every night and often wouldn’t be able to withstand being washed so often?

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Spraying down costumes and wigs with alcohol solution. 

Having duplicate costumes to allow airing out between wearing, (length of time virus can survive on cloth is shorter than on other nonporous surfaces.)

UV light?

Avoid using masks or mascot heads altogether.

Making sure costume design calls for heat-washable fabrics, colour-fast dyes. Avoiding coated fabrics.

Using dress shields (is COVID19 emitted in sweat?)

Access to washing machines with extra-care steam function which helps kill germs.

Maybe a few ideas?







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